About the Braintank

Hey, we're just a buncha guys (and gals), so ...eh.. what's to know?
Ok, ok.. we're a mixed bunch of hackers and makers, living around Providence, Rhode Island. We get together monthly for a little club we call DC401 that's the local branch of the network of Defcon Groups .Most of the time, we hold these meetings at that local mecca of creativity, AS220 Labs
While many folks only know of Rhode Island through way of stereotypes from Family Guy, we'd like to go on the record and say that none of us says "Giggity" or has a talking dog, though admittedly one of us does have a British accent.
We think we've got a great little community here though, small yet perfectly formed; Braintank is our organization for putting together events to bring more folks together and fuel that community with ideas and networking.
The Brain Tank Conference is a small regional conference for the hacker culture in all forms: Hardware, Software, Security, Social, Artistic, Eco Hacking and Zero Impact Living.  We have two tracks: one for Information Security and one for Maker Culture. This blend of topics will bring together an interesting group of attendees with diverse ideas about how to make technology better and how technology can better our lives. Whatever the focus, the Brain Tank Conference aims to promote positive innovations of technology in our world.

courtesy of webmatter.de