The Brain Tank Con 2012

On September 15th 2012, the Brain Tank will hold its first event in Providence, Rhode Island -- a one-day conference designed to bring together people from across the Maker and Infosec communities for a day of fast-paced talks, interactive events, socializing and entertainment.

Inspired by a desire to cross-pollenate our two favorite geek cultures together and provide a platform for people to share their projects and passions with a live audience, we've created a fast-paced one-day event designed to get you, our attendees, to see talks on subjects you may only have a little exposure to, and try your hand at new things in one of our workshops.

Whether your interests lie in building something from the ground up, or pulling it apart to see how it works (and we expect that there's a little of each in all of you), we strive to produce an event that will inspire Makers and Hackers everywhere to yield to the hands-on imperative!

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