BraintankCon 2012 will be at AS220 in Providence, RI

Clear your calendars, warm up the soldering iron and dust down the neurons. On September 15th at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island, we'll be holding a one-day conference - a gathering for hackers and makers alike to discuss and show off skills and projects, be they made of bits or bolts. Information Security, Electronics, and the ingenious application of technology to improve our lives.
We're looking for speakers  to present practical demonstrations to people looking to get into working with new things; especially in today's convergence between the worlds of entry-level hardware and software projects. Demonstrate how the security in the devices we use every day falls down upon closer examination and how better options are available with a little information and innovation.
Alongside talks on things that interest you (and we hope, things you didn't know interested you, until you saw that talk about it) we have a good little selection of Events lined up, rounding it off with a music gig with some local (and very nerdy) bands playing.

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